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Business OWNER’S INSIGHTS | UpSource PEO

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A collection of short interviews with local business owners and their insight into today’s challenges.

Eric Knam, a local business ActionCOACH, has an inside look into the insights of local business owners and focuses on different businesses from different industries where his clients and many others are challenged by the COVID-19 Crisis.

Every business owner has valuable advice to share with other business owners and entrepreneurs. A few even have a special offer to share! Check out their interview and visit their websites.  

Zac Northcutt, UpSource PEO Insights

ActionCOACH Eric Knam: Tell us a little about UpSource PEO.

Zac: We set up a way to help cannabis companies, who are limited in what they can expense, hire employees. Because we have access to FCID and electronic payroll, we partner with them and hire all of their employees to work under our name but at their locations. 

Eric: Are there any other benefits you’re able to provide?

Zac: Yes. I have to offer legit medical benefits and workers comp. 

Eric: What impact did COVID-19 have on you?

Zac: A pretty big one. COVID put a lot of events and expos on hold, so we weren’t able to reach as many people.

Eric: How long have you been in business?

Zac: March 2020. 

Eric: It’s been said that smart people learn from their mistakes and wise people learn from the mistakes of others. What mistakes have you made along the way and how can other entrepreneurs learn from your experience? 

Zac: Listen to other people’s mistakes! You are not smart enough and quick enough to do everything yourself. I should have focused my attention on what I do best and hired someone to help with the other things. 

Eric: What got you into doing the PEO thing?

Zac: My passion is to help people. I just wanted to help the underserved people in our city. 

Eric: Are you the only one out there doing what you’re doing?

Zac: As far as I know, yes! 

Zac Northcutt

UpSource PEO


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