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Business OWNER’S INSIGHTS | T-Town Custom Painting

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A collection of short interviews with local business owners and their insight into today’s challenges.

Eric Knam, a local business ActionCOACH, has an inside look into the insights of local business owners and focuses on different businesses from different industries where his clients and many others are challenged by the COVID-19 Crisis.

Every business owner has valuable advice to share with other business owners and entrepreneurs. A few even have a special offer to share! Check out their interview and visit their websites.  

T-Town Custom Painting, Phillip Garrison’s Insights

ActionCOACH Eric Knam: Tell us a little about T-Town Custom Painting.

Phillip: My father started it in 1977 to help pay his way through college. He had rental properties while I was growing up, and we always had something to fix or paint so I learned how to paint very early on! 

Eric: Do you guys do residential or commercial painting?

Phillip:  We specialize in residential and do a little bit of commercial. Repainting, not new construction. 

Eric: What impact did COVID-19 have on you?

Phillip: We lost a few contractors and our business was about half of what it normally is.

Eric: What differentiates you from other painting companies out there?

Phillip: We have an all English speaking crew, we’re insured, and A+ rated with the BBB. We pay very close attention to detail. We have people who have been working with us for 12-15 years. We’re consistent and don’t cut corners. 

Eric: It’s been said that smart people learn from their mistakes and wise people learn from the mistakes of others. What mistakes have you made along the way and how can other entrepreneurs learn from your experience? 

Phillip: Rhino thick skin! Past companies I’ve owned and work for- they will throw negatives at you left and right to see how you handle it. But if you can get some thick skin you’ll learn how to overcome anything with a positive attitude. 

Phillip Garrison

T-Town Custom Painting

(918) 829-0038

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