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A collection of short interviews with local business owners and their insight into today’s challenges. 

Eric Knam, a local business action coach, has an inside look into the insights of local business owners and focuses on different businesses from different industries where his clients and many others are challenged by the COVID-19 Crisis.

Every business owner has valuable advice to share with other business owners and entrepreneurs. A few even have a special offer to share! Check out their interviews and visit their websites!

Penny Horton’s Insights

Who’s Your HR? is a management consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses navigate all of the confusing legal complexities of being an employer and helps them optimize their workforce. They have some specific HR-related niches that they focus on: policy writing, drug and alcohol, program management, affirmative action planning, and anything that requires a business to comply with local, state, and federal laws. They compliment these services by offering training and development. They’re skilled in completing employee relations and HR-related investigations. Who’s Your HR? started in May of 2018, but they collectively have nearly two decades of HR experience. 


Action COACH Eric Knam: What makes your business special?

Penny: We have three key differentiators. First, our HR practitioners take their academic training and professional certification seriously, and they use that with their experience of running HR programs and practices within a variety of industries across different sized organizations, including international and domestic experience. Second, our client’s success is our business. We can even customize a package to meet the business’ needs. Lastly, we offer a service guarantee that clients are going to love their service. If they don’t, we’ll re-do it the way they want. And if they still aren’t happy, we would pay a competitor to get the job done because we want them to be satisfied. We always offer upfront quotes and pricing.


Eric: Who’s your target market?

Penny: A business that finds itself struggling with navigating confusing complexities of being an employer or struggling with keeping up with the administrative burden of having employees in the workplace.


Eric: It’s been said that smart people learn from their mistakes, and wise people learn from others. What mistakes have you made along the way, and how can other entrepreneurs learn from your experience?

Penny: My biggest advice is don’t wait to get assistance with your business and your plan. I wish I would have gotten some subject matter expertise sooner rather than later. The first life-changing expertise I received was engaging with the CPA to help set up my business financially to be successful and to think about long-term planning. The second thing I wish I had known sooner is engaging with a business coach. Something that was missing in my business was not having a resource that I could turn to that would help me brainstorm from an objective point of view. It’s one thing to converse with family or friends who are interested, but it’s not the same level of objectivity you can get from a business coach.


Eric: What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

Penny: People can give us a call at 918-200-1448, email, find us online on Facebook or our website:!


Local businesses change communities. If you know of a local business owner who is interested in sharing their insights or making an impact on their community, contact Eric Knam today!

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